Security and Privacy Policy

Our policy

We, The University City of Sharjah are committed to understand and respect users' privacy and their personal information while browsing our websites or while requesting services. In order to protect your sensitive and personal information, we have prepared the security & privacy policy to inform you of current practices. By visiting The University City of Sharjah websites, users agree to the practices stated in this policy, and agree on the proper use and prohibitions that are applicable on all departments in the Government of Sharjah & in the UAE. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we collect and use information.

Using UC websites

By using the University City of Sharjah websites, you agree to refrain to:

  • Use the site or any of the services provided for any illegal or prohibited purpose.

  • Use the site to defame or harm others.

  • Upload files, programs or viruses that cause any sort of damages to our websites and their performance.

  •   Changing or damaging any content of the websites.

Data Collection

While using our websites, we automatically collect some data, such as:

  • The Internet browser you are using

  • The time and date of your visit

  • The geographic location you are using while browsing our websites

  • The IP address of your device while browsing our websites

Information usage

We save your personal data to:

  • Keep a record of registered users

  • Sort services based on user needs

  • Create statistics to improve users experience

  • Enhance usability and ease of use

Keeping IP addresses

Our websites keep records of your IP addresses automatically when you visit our site ( IP address is the ID number of the device you use to browse our websites). This does not disclose your identity. (we use IP addresses to help in detect our server problems and for statistics of site visitors).

Use of Cookies

The University City of Sharjah websites use cookies files, these files are basically installed to ease the use of our websites, and to enhance the user experience. The cookies also help you, if you wish, to remember your password for easy and faster access.

Protection of personal data

Your personal data that exists on our websites are kept in complete security, and will only be available for our employees who need access to them if needed. Your personal data will never be exchanged or sold or transferred to third parties.

Social media accounts

We welcome all users to our social media accounts (Twitter - Instagram - Facebook). All users shall be respectful while using our channels, and must be committed to the proper use and communication of social media.

The University City of Sharjah encourages all users to be active and add respectful comments on our social media sites. Thus, Users must avoid all the prohibited actions and comments that might be considered as confrontational, offensive, discriminatory, profane, off-topic, spam (unsolicited promotion of a third-party business), misprivacy-leading and fake.  The University City of Sharjah reserves the right to remove comments or content on our social media sites that fit into any one of the above mentioned categories, or for any other reason, to preserve the integrity of our social media sites. We may block further posting on our social media sites by any individual who violates this Privacy Policy.


The University City of Sharjah reserves the right to modify or amend the Privacy Policy at any time and the effective date will be posted at the beginning of the Privacy Policy. It is advisable to check the Privacy Policy on a regular basis for any changes.